Tolmao News Group一直发垃圾邮件,怎么惹到它了?

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最近总是隔三差五地收到一些来自“”邮箱的垃圾邮件,都是一些活动推广、宣传类的信息,标题显示为“Tolmao News”。

这说明我的某个邮箱已经被列入他们的群发邮件列表了。访问了一下这个Tolmao Group的网站,确实从来没访问过,说明邮箱不是我们自己提交的,而是Tolmao Group通过“非常规”手段获取的(例如爬虫、第三方、或者非法交易等渠道)。


由于平时傅老师都用POP3/IMAP,登录邮箱后才发现Tolmao Group去年就开始群发垃圾邮件了,竟然没有被gmail给识别出来!


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诈骗邮件又来咯,这次不发邮件主体了,而改用word附件,所以骗过了gmail的anti spam审查。

Hello Friend,
I need you to partner with me to execute a Business that will be of great benefit to both of us. It is about transferring the Sum of $19,500,000.00 USD from my Bank to a private account that I would advise you to open. My name is Mr.Leung Wing Lok. I work with Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong. I will give you details of the transaction if I receive your response that you are willing and dependable to carry out the transaction with me in absolute confidentiality. I look forward to hearing from you.
Please Email me directly on my private email address Below: LWING201@GMAIL.COM
Sincerely yours.
Mr.Leung Wing Lok.